Economic Briefing Luncheon – Live Stream

March 19, 2021
Online - via live stream

Past Event Overview

The Commonwealth Bank  kindly hosted a private luncheon for ASA members on Friday 19th March, to share an update on the latest economic insights. Due to COVID restrictions only a small number of members are able to attend in-person.

A live stream of the presentation was set up to ensure all members had access the presentation to be delivered by Philip Brown, CBA’s Senior Fixed Income Strategist, International Banking and Markets.

Date: 19th March | Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm (EST) | Location: Online – via live stream.

Presentation Highlights: The Outlook For A Healing Economy


  • The forecasts for a sharp recovery
  • Will money saved for a rainy day during lockdown now be spent in the recovery?
  • Could the positives of economic recovery, such as growth and jobs, become problematic in areas including inflation?


  • Will the focus on stimulus via infrastructure cause shortages or difficulties – notably in Australian states, the US, China?
  • Commodity prices and the talk of a commodity super-cycle


Philip Brown

Philip Brown

Senior Fixed Income Strategist, International Banking and Markets, CBA

Philip’s daily role involves researching the developments in interest rate markets. To do this he analyses global trends in economic and financial markets. He has worked for CBA for more than 10 years, having previously held similar roles at Citigroup and Deutsche Bank. He has also spent time working for the Public Service in Canberra.