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Our membership base spans all sectors within the steel industry. ASA members include traders, stockists, manufacturers, fabricators, roll-formers, roof fixers, trade credit insurers, transport and shipping companies, and many more.  

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Benefits Of Membership

01. Support With An Independent Voice
The ASA is independent of the two local manufacturers. We believe a fair, open and competitive market is essential for all companies to succeed. Without our voice in the room, there may be no competition. We work to champion a fair playing field for all.
02. Standards & Policy: Get A Seat At The Table
Acting as a consultant to Government bodies on a variety of issues gives our members access at the highest levels regardless of their size. The ASA’s involvement in areas including Anti-Dumping, port restrictions and steel standards ensures your voice is heard.
03. Industry News & Updates
We have our finger on the pulse. That means you as a member get access to up-to-date information on the latest news, developments, industry standards and regulatory changes as they occur. We provide insights that help you make the right decision for your business.
04. Networking & Events
Monthly webinars, quarterly face-to-face events, Golf Days and our annual Calcutta event ensure you stay connected and have regular opportunities to discuss the big issues or just catch up with your peers and unwind with a drink and some good conversation!

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