Green Steel: Making The Future Possible

22 July, 2021

Past Event Overview

With our abundance of wind, solar and hydro resources, Australia is well placed to capitalise on the global boom in green steel technology and create a sustainable steel manufacturing industry for the future.

This webinar brought members up-to-speed with the latest developments in green steel and explored opportunities emerging for the steel industry. Members heard from key players leading the charge including the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) and steel production technology specialists SMS Group.

Nicole Roocke, MRIWA’s CEO, detailed MRIWA’s Green Steel Challenge. This project will examine the iron ore mining to steel making pathway, with a view to enable Western Australia to preserve market share and maximise use of its hematite and magnetite iron ore resources, and emerging hydrogen potential, to create new markets and industries. Nicole shared:

    • Why WA is interested in green steel
    • What is the opportunity for WA beyond iron ore exports?
    • What is being done to capture this emerging opportunity?

Cristiano Castagnola, Senior Vice President at Paul Wurth-SMS Group and Ralf Nörthemann, Project Director Steelmaking, Paul Wurth-SMS Group GmbH, then discussed sustainable steel production through technologies for decarbonisation. They shared the work SMS Group are doing to support customers moving towards green steel without losing competitiveness. This includes both a step-wise approach to profitably transform existing integrated steelmaking facilities towards low carbon steelmaking and an overall steel production transformation through the use of hydrogen and green power. Additional topics included:

  • Low carbon integrated ironmaking: Blue Blast Furnace and Blue Direct reduction
  • Low carbon steel making: CONPRO, SAF and EAF as efficient DRI smelters
  • Hydrogen efficient generation and use in steelmaking

Event Speakers

Nicole Roocke

Nicole Roocke

CEO, Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia

Appointed CEO of MRIWA in November 2018, Nicole spent the previous 15 years at the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia coordinating industry input on a variety of government regulatory and policy issues and facilitating collaboration within the resources sector. Nicole holds a Master of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology from UWA and a Master of Risk Management from UNSW.

Cristiano Castagnola

Cristiano Castagnola

Senior Vice President - Centre of Excellence Metallurgy- Head of Center of Competence Iron; Member of Green steel Task Force, Paul Wurth-SMS Group

Cristiano began his career with SMS Demag (today SMS Group) in 1996, gaining unparalleled experience in the Ironmaking projects space, while also establishing himself as a respected technologist. Currently working as Head of the Iron Competence Centre within the Metallurgy Center of Excellence for SMS Group, where he is also belonging to the recently established Green Steel Task Force. He is known for his Blast Furnace and Gas based direct Reduction expertise. While his speaking engagements have taken him around the world, Cristiano is proud to call Genova (Italy) home.

Ralf Nörthemann

Ralf Nörthemann

Project Director Steelmaking, Paul Wurth-SMS Group GmbH

Ralf Nörthemann studied mechanical engineering at the University of Bochum, Germany, and qualified as Dipl.-Ing. in 1989. He started a trainee program in the steelmaking division of MAN GHH, then worked as a design engineer for steel plant components. Later he changed to the project management of SMS and handled several steelmaking projects including startup of the related plants. In July 2016 Mr. Nörthemann became Vice President for Submerged Arc Furnaces and Smelting Units of the SMS Group GmbH. Since 2019 Ralf Nörthemann is Project Director for Steelmaking technology at SMS group GmbH