Anti-Dumping Duty: An Overview Of The Investigation Process & Update On Current Developments

August 28, 2020

Past Event: Overview

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For many members, anti-dumping has become an all too familiar barrier of providing regular supply to Australia when importing goods from overseas mills.

​In this webinar, we explored the latest developments with relation to anti-dumping and dig into the details of several recent cases.

Russell Wiese, Partner, Customers & Global Trade Specialist at Hunt & Hunt Lawyers, has worked on a number of dumping investigations, both for exporters and importers. Russell joined us to share his experience of the Australian dumping duty system and provide insights on issues including:

  • An overview of the dumping investigation process
  • The role of an importer once an investigation begins
  • Recent WTO developments impacting steel investigations
  • ABF audit activity and the impact of tariff classification
  • Current investigations including aluminium zinc coated steel (investigations 558/559)


Russell Wiese

Russell Wiese

Partner, Customs & Global Trade Specialist, Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

Russell is a customs and global trade specialist with a strong focus on helping clients proactively manage the risks and opportunities associated with international trade. Russell works closely with customs brokers, freight forwarders and importers and exporters of goods on issues such as use of free trade agreements, customs compliance, dumping duties and disputes between different parties in the supply chain.