Standards Australia & ASA:

Working Together To Build Better Outcomes


9 November, 2021

Past Event Overview

The ASA and Standards Australia have a long history of working together to ensure members’ voices are heard and represented. With Standards playing a crucial role in the steel industry, there are now more avenues than ever for ASA members can become involved and help shape the future of standards development.

In this webinar, Standards Australia pulled back the curtain to remove the mystery and outlined new processes that was put in place to provide faster solutions for the steel sector.


Insights heard:

  • Why standards matter in the steel industry

  • Better processes, speedier outcomes – making it easier for experts to participate in standards development

  • Get involved – understanding the different options and publication pathways available for ASA members to participate

  • Connecting for the future – a snapshot of Standards’ Bootcamp and NEXTgen program designed for younger members interested in standardisation


Henrietta Tan

Henrietta Tan

Engagement Manager – Building and Construction Sector, Standards Australia

Henrietta is responsible for Building and Construction, Water and Waste, and Timber sectors, across Australia. Leveraging a wealth of prior experience in standards development, Henrietta works closely with key stakeholders to understand their priorities. Henrietta is also responsible for developing strategy and uncovering how standards can support sustainable growth and innovation.